It can be difficult for educators to stay in touch with colleagues across the hall and across the sector. But using Workplace is enabling teachers to build communities and share ideas.

Teaching can be tough. Staying on top of lesson planning and the day-to-day management of the classroom is one thing. Finding time to stay up to date with the complex issues in global education can be quite another.

Here are some of the ways that educators are using Workplace to share best practice, stay in touch and learn new ways to provide world-class education services.

What’s in the video?

It’s never been more important for educational organizations to find and deploy the right work tools. These platforms will help empower education professionals and institutions to connect and collaborate more effectively now and in the future. The video looks at:

  • How education professionals are using Workplace groups to join together in global communities
  • Real world examples of teachers using Workplace to share ideas and stay in touch
  • How educators are using Workplace to collaborate and learn from each other
  • How Workplace is helping teachers stay at the cutting edge of education issues

Workplace for Good

Workplace has always been free for nonprofits and educational institutions. And over the last 18 months, we’ve seen thousands of these organizations using the platform to build meaningful communities all around the world.

We’re excited that the recent launch of Workplace for Good now allows us to match their commitment to doing good with a commitment of our own.

Find out more about using Workplace for Good at your organization and join Workplace for free.

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