How going live on Workplace brings your people together.

Going Live

We are excited to share the first episode of our “Workplace Presents” video series. Watch Workplace team members Mara and Dan take you through the steps on how to go live in your organization.

Posted by Workplace by Facebook on Monday, 13 February 2017

Streaming team meetings, Q&A sessions, and organization-wide conferences are just some of the ways live video connects everyone. And by going live with Workplace, you can bring your people together wherever they are in the world. In the first episode of our new Workplace presents series, Mara and Dan from our US team share some tips and explain how going live can connect everyone in your company.

What’s in the video

  • Why go live?
  • Hot topics to go live with
  • Get people involved
  • Getting it right

In the next episode, Dan is joined by Christina. They’ll give you tips and tricks on how to use groups in your organization.