Helping remote workers stay collaborative and up to date can be challenging. Here’s how to make it work.

Globalization and technology mean that employees no longer have to be in the same place to work together. This makes managing effectively from a distance an issue in many organizations.

75% of workers would favor a job that offering flexible options

The rise in flexible working is already giving many people a better work-life balance, as they can choose where and when they work. A survey by Powwownow shows that 75% of workers would favor a job that offers flexible options.

That figure is even higher for women, at 81%. For many, it’s a way to balance career and family without feeling side-lined.

So how can you maximize productivity when managing a growing mobile workforce?

Have regular Check-Ins

One of the biggest challenges of managing remote workers is communication. When you’re rushed off your feet with meetings and worried about the bottom line, they can easily get forgotten, especially if they complete all their assignments on time.

Teams are using tools like Workplace Chat to connect with remote workers

Technology can help you check in with your team. Teams are using tools like HD video calls in Workplace Chat to connect with remote workers. It’s easy to convert your instant messaging chat into a video call with just one click so you can see how things are going and keep people up to date.

Remote workers can often feel isolated, so it’s important to keep them in the loop. Some 64% of employees across the globe say video conferencing tech makes it easier to build relationships, and that includes with managers.

Avoid the urge to micro-manage

While regular communication is a good thing, too much of it can cause unnecessary stress. With mobile workers, it’s not possible to maintain the same amount of control as you would in a physical workplace where you can oversee shifts, meeting schedules and even break times.

Forget about tracking time and focus on results

By allowing remote work, you’re placing trust in your people. Forget about tracking time and focus on results. As long as people complete tasks on time and to a high standard, there shouldn’t be a problem letting employees work whenever and wherever they want.

Embrace collaborative technology

Today’s workforce is a lot more tech savvy than its predecessors. And familiar tools like Workplace that enable online group collaboration can make a real difference to engagement levels.

Project groups in Workplace enable team members to collaborate wherever they are. People can swap files and work on shared documents. Managers can assign tasks, tag colleagues and provide feedback. The work continues to flow for everyone even if they’re working remotely.

The best mobile applications can boost productivity, reduce costs and improve relationships between teams wherever they are in the world.

Take security seriously

As a growing number of people work outside the office, it means that more sensitive company data is being carried around on laptops, smartphones and flash drives. Naturally, this is a big concern for employers.

Give remote employees access to materials through secure and enterprise-ready tools like Workplace

The rise of shadow IT – where employees use consumer tools with little or no control – is another.

Lay down safety standards for mobile workers to adhere to in order to keep company equipment and information secure.

And manage risk by giving remote employees access to materials through secure, enterprise-ready platforms like Workplace. That way, they won’t need to keep sensitive information on their local drives.

Appreciate your mobile workers

Notice that one of your home-based sales reps is smashing their targets? Or a customer has left a rave review? Or someone outside the office is getting the job done quicker and better than everyone else?

Don’t neglect to recognize and reward remote employees. If they think their good work has gone unnoticed, they may feel unappreciated.

Acknowledging their efforts through gift cards, restaurant vouchers or even a simple thank you will create a happier, more motivated mobile workforce.

See how Campbell is using Workplace to connect sales reps in the field. Or try Workplace Premium free for 90 days.

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