How MercadoLibre uses Workplace to reduce email traffic, remove translation barriers, and get more done.

MercadoLibre (MELI) is the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America. It has over 138 million users and gross merchandising volumes over $7.2bn. MELI wants to democratize the payment industry and enable millions of people to buy and sell anything online.

Why Workplace?

MELI was looking for a solution to reduce email traffic and help staff share ideas across departments and geographies. And after a period of rapid expansion, it was also important to preserve and build on MELI’s connected culture of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking employees.

The solution was Workplace.

Watch how MELI use Workplace to find brand new ways to communicate


We love to see how our customers use Workplace to bring people together and get more done. Take a look at our brand new video to see how Workplace works at @MercadoLibre. Helping people reduce email traffic, remove translation barriers, and find new ways of working.

Posted by Workplace by Facebook on Friday, 24 November 2017

What’s in the video?

  • Why using Workplace has brought MELI teams together and removed barriers
  • How auto-translate works in a real business environment
  • How the MELI CEO uses live video to have global conversations and engage the entire organization
  • Why familiar, mobile Workplace tools are empowering a new generation of millennial workers

Why Workplace works at MELI

MELI employees were quick to embrace Workplace and find new ways of working. Now, over 97% of MELI’s 3,700 employees use Workplace across 13 countries.

  1. Unlocking ideas. By using Workplace groups for each business, MELI can now more easily share ideas with the right audiences. Using Workplace chat and groups has also reduced unnecessary email and made work happen faster
  2. Breaking language barriers. Workplace’s auto-translate feature allows both Spanish and Portuguese employees to communicate across language barriers
  3. Collaboration and growth. MELI saw significant growth in several business units as people use Workplace to better meet deadlines, collaborate on projects, and get more done

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