Workplace Chat is a powerful tool people use to get work done. And new admin privileges now make it easier to jump into the important conversations.

Workplace Chat is more than just a quick conversation. It’s expressive instant messaging, voice, and HD video calls from mobile or desktop. It’s unlimited file and screen sharing on the go. It’s how teams get work done.

Say hello to your new admin privileges

So we’re thrilled to launch new admin privileges for Workplace Chat group conversations to make the experience even better. This update gives admins many more options to control who can join your group chats.

Group admins will now have the option to turn approvals on or off for any additions to the group. And it applies when group members add new people directly to a chat, or when people receive a link to join a group conversation.

You can toggle approvals for any size of group chat including the large conversations that may benefit from greater membership controls.

Joinable links

We’re also making it easier to add new people to group chats with joinable links. Anyone in a group chat can create a custom invite link and share it with someone they’d like to join the conversation.

If admins turn the approvals off, people can tap the link to add themselves to a group automatically. Or they’ll join the conversation once the admin approves the request.

Why have we done it?

We’re constantly finding new ways to make Workplace more useful. Last year we introduced several new features to Workplace Chat including the Workplace Chat desktop app. We introduced Group video chat to help people stay in touch with their teams. @mentions that make it easy to respond quickly to questions or comments. And message reactions and gifs that keep the conversation fun but focused.

The new admin privileges are just the latest step to improve the ways people can use Workplace Chat to join together and get more done.

What does it mean for me?

The great thing about admin privileges in Workplace Chat is they work in the background. If your group chat doesn’t need that level of control, it won’t get in the way of your group messaging. You’ll have the option to decide if you’d like admin approval for new members, or you can easily toggle this preference off in your group settings.

How does it work?

The creator of a Workplace Chat group will become the admin. The admin can then choose to approve new members and promote other people in the group conversation to become an admin too. In existing Workplace Chat group conversations all members will be given admin privileges.

Everyone in a Workplace Chat group can create an invite link for others to join. If member approvals are switched off new members will be added automatically. If member approvals are on, a group admin will need to approve requests to join.

Where can I find support?

Head to the help center to find the answers you need.

Have a specific question? Contact Workplace Support by clicking the “?” on the web or going to “Help & Support” from your mobile app settings.

Take a look at all the latest Workplace features and try Workplace free for 90 days right here.

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