The new Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) will enable IT teams and admins to better manage and deploy Workplace Chat throughout the organization.

Workplace Chat doesn’t just get people talking. It’s messaging, voice and HD video chat with unlimited file sharing via mobile or desktop. It’s where teams and organizations go to get work done.

Tools for more productive teams

We’ve been busy over the last few months making the Workplace Chat desktop app a go-to tool for productive teamwork. Improved 1:1 screen sharing for instant collaboration. Upgraded HD video quality for even better connections. A brand new spell checker for greater clarity.

To help people connect, you can now see job titles in Workplace Chat, and take fast action using keyboard shortcuts. We’ve added Workplace group notifications so your team won’t miss project updates. A shared links section to help you find useful project information quickly. We also launched an upgrade to admin access and management.

What’s new?

And now we’re delighted to announce our brand new Microsoft Installer Package for Workplace Chat desktop. IT teams can now install and manage Workplace Chat using Group Policy/Microsoft System Center. This will make it easy for IT teams to deploy Workplace Chat on multiple machines across your organization.

Why are we doing it?

We want to make it as easy as possible for organizations to deploy and use Workplace Chat. It’s something that a lot of our customers large and small have been asking for. This important update will give admins and IT teams better tools to roll-out Workplace Chat to every user in the organization.

What does it mean for me?

Workplace Chat is an essential part of effective teamwork. And the ongoing improvements we’re making mean there’s never been a better time to deploy Workplace Chat across your organization. Here are just 3 ways it can help people get more work done together.

  • Better connections and smarter workflow. Instantly message anybody in the business and get the right people in the organization together with crystal clear HD video calls
  • Quicker decisions. Coherent chat in groups creates quick and open conversations with key decision makers
  • Automate process with bots. Ease the burden of everyday tasks and focus on the key work instead

Bottom line: Workplace Chat just works.

Welcome to the New Workplace chat MSI

Workplace admins can start using the Workplace Chat MSI right now. Just head to the new section of the admin panel called Workplace Apps

Find out why Workplace Chat helps organizations get more work done. Or see for yourself and try Workplace Premium free for 90 days.

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