Today, we’re delighted to announce exciting new updates coming soon to our integration with Box. New features that will help people connect and work faster.

Workplace integrates seamlessly with the tools you use every day. These integrations with productivity software like Box can help put Workplace at the heart of your organization.

Workplace enables everyone to join together and collaborate. A key part of this is integration with the tools you use every day to get work done. Workplace already connects with the best SaaS services, and we’re always looking for ways to improve. Here’s a rundown of some of the key updates we’re announcing today.

Working with Box to solve shared problems

We work with partners like Box to make our integrations better all the time. Box allows you to securely share files and create, edit and review documents with others in real time. And we’ve been working hard with the Box team to make it easier to share and organize your Box files on Workplace.

With the update, Group Admins can link entire Box folders to a Workplace group. Now, the full contents of the folder will show in the file tab so anyone in the group can easily see and open the documents. New group members will automatically gain access to the folder when they join the group.

Keep your document decisions in one place

By enabling the people in your Workplace group to see the full contents of your Box folder, you’re helping improve collaboration and decision making. It means better conversations about projects and quicker decisions on documents. Which is particularly important on the critical projects that involve lots of documents like marketing campaigns or financial planning.

We’ve made it easy to share your Box folder with Group Admins and to link multiple folders to a group. You can also set multiple groups to link to the same Box folder. And when you add new members to the group they’ll automatically receive permissions to the right folders every time.

Extra compliance controls

This update also gives you greater controls when sharing files. Together with Box, we’ve built a solution that helps customers with compliance policies which prevent third-party image capture. The new box preview enables you to select the type of image that group members see when they access a shared file or a folder. It means users can select a simple document preview image without Workplace capturing an image of the document.

You’ll automatically start seeing the Box previewer to view over 120 different file types. To opt-in to secure previewing for all file types just get in touch and ask us to disable caching of cloud files.


We’re excited to be sharing the Boxworks stage today to announce new and deeper Workplace integrations with Box. Take a look at our new video to explore some of the exciting new features coming soon!

Posted by Workplace by Facebook on Thursday, 12 October 2017

What’s the process?

  1. Admins of the Workplace community enable the integration
  2. You can select Box files from the post composer via the “Add File” button to generate previews
  3. You can share links to Box files directly into posts to generate previews
  4. Group admins visit the files tab to link folders

Find out more about the new updates and our other content integrations here.

Making integrations work

Workplace integrates seamlessly with Office 365, G-Suite, Box, Salesforce, Quip, Dropbox, Okta, Bluejeans, Onelogin, Azure AD, and much more. And, just like the other apps in the Facebook family, we’ve built Workplace to be mobile-first.

Workplace Premium also includes built-in content integrations with other leading enterprise services so it’s easier for you to share, preview and organize files. System Admins can also use APIs to develop custom integrations to find new ways for the platform to work for them. This combination enables you to put Workplace at the centre of your organization.

Making integrations work is an important part of Workplace. They’re helping us achieve our mission to give the world a place to work together. And we love working closely with partners like Box to discover new ways to improve collaboration in the workplace.

Find out how our customers use Workplace integrations to get more done. And join Workplace for a free 90-day trial right here.

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