Introducing the Workplace and Trello integration – the newest addition to the growing Workplace Integration Directory.

Imagine the scene. Your team is working hard on a project. Maybe it’s a new product prototype. Four of you are collaborating on the design – kicking around ideas and sharing feedback in a dedicated Workplace Group.

That’s why you have Trello. It’s the perfect way to collaborate on projects

But you have to update your stakeholders on progress. That’s cool – you have a larger group with the cross-functional leadership team. Only, before you go to that group you need to update your project plan.

That’s why you have Trello. It’s the perfect way to collaborate on projects, using cards to share progress and record milestones. It’s quick, intuitive, and looks great.

The integration brings your Trello boards and cards into your choice of Workplace Groups

But it also means switching out of Workplace, heading into Trello, and losing time and focus in the process.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the place you did the work was the same place you recorded your progress and shared visual updates?

The good news is now it can be.

So you get all the power of your Trello cards and Workplace, together.

The Workplace integration with Trello brings Trello boards and cards into the relevant Workplace Groups, making it really easy to keep track of your discussions right where the work is happening.

So you get all the power of your Trello cards and Workplace, together.

Share, discuss and track Trello projects from Workplace

The Trello integration allows Workplace Group members to share, discuss and track Trello boards and cards with other group members.

Share your board or card in a group to answer your questions, remind people to complete tasks, and move work forward.

Always up to date

When a member of the project team updates your Trello board or card, it will automatically update the Workplace post so teams always see the latest and greatest version.

Share cards and boards directly from Trello

If you spend time in Trello, we’ve got you covered. By installing the Trello Power Up for Workplace, you’ll also be able to share Trello Boards and Cards directly from Trello to your team in a Workplace Group.

And power up for more. The Workplace Power-Ups add extra functionality inside of Trello and lets you and your team work with more perspective.

When you share a Trello card to a Workplace Group, it will now show you a preview of the Workplace post inside Trello.You’ll also be able to see the link to the Workplace post so that it’s easy to navigate to the discussion in Workplace.

To get started, install the Trello integration in Workplace here (you’ll need Workplace administrator privileges) and the Workplace Power Up in Trello here.

Atlassian and Workplace Better together

Why did we partner with Atlassian on this integration?

Because both Atlassian and Workplace we know that people will always want to use multiple tools to get work done. And these tools should work seamlessly together, no matter which platform you’re using.

People should always be able to choose the best possible products to get their work done

Above all, people should always be able to choose the best possible products to get their work done.

We call this strategy Better Together.

We unveiled the foundations of this Better Together world, at F8 in May 2018. We announced over 50 integrations with some of the best-in-class SaaS applications like Box, Zoom, Adobe Sign and Jira Cloud by Atlassian.

In a Better Together world, we can take best of breed enterprise apps and combine them on Workplace to create something that’s even more than the sum of its parts.

We call this strategy Better Together

We believe Workplace is the best-in-class communication and collaboration tool. We believe that Trello is the best-in-class visual way for teams to manage projects. And we’re really excited to enable this integration between the two platforms.

We also look forward to building more powerful integrations with Workplace and Atlassian products in the future.

Install the Trello integration in Workplace here. And try Workplace Premium at your organization free for 90-days.

by Joel Krebs and Anand Dass

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