New Workplace Profiles are the place to go to connect with colleagues and find out more about your team. Here’s how our new updates will help people connect and get more work done.

Connecting people is a key part of any successful collaboration. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that more than half of business decision-makers say they want to achieve greater connectivity in their organizations. [1]

Organizations want to connect people at work so they can achieve more together

When it comes to business leaders who rank connectivity as their main priority, 45% believe a company-wide people search and customizable user profiles are a ‘must have’ business tool. [1]

We heard the same feedback from our own customers. Organizations want to connect people at work so they can achieve more together. Now we’ve done something about it.

Your new company directory

Introducing Workplace Profiles. Together, these connectivity tools combine to create a new kind of company directory.

45% of decision-makers believe a company-wide people search is a ‘must have’ business tool

One that enables people and teams to connect and build meaningful professional relationships so they can be more productive.

What’s New?

People will now see personalized profiles for deeper connections between colleagues. They’ll be able to celebrate their colleagues and teammates and call out birthdays and work anniversaries.

And they’ll have a powerful new directory search to find anyone in the organization fast.

👩‍💼👷More personalized profiles

We want to make people profiles the place to go to learn more about a coworker. Not just their name and where they sit, but what they do at work – and what they like to do outside of work, too.

It’s an easier way for people to visualize and interact with the entire organization. It’s also a one-click connection via Workplace Chat to anyone in the business.

So today you’ll see:

  • Support for multiple phone numbers & extensions so anyone is only a click and a call away
  • Division & Organization fields on profiles so your organization can provide more details about roles, responsibilities, and skills
  • A biography section on your Workplace profile to share a little more about yourself with your colleagues

🎂 Celebrate your colleagues

By popular demand, people can now celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays on Workplace!

If your admins include ‘Start Date’ or birthday info on a users profile, Workplace will provide reminders to recognize your teammates’ work anniversaries and birthdays.

Cue the celebratory GIFs and stickers!

Adding a birthday is completely optional for each user. And admins can disable these fields in the Edit Profile Template tab of your Admin Panel.

🔍 Find coworkers faster with People Directory

The powerful new search functionality in People Directory lets you search for people based on a combination of profile field filters. So you can find the next member of your superstar project team or find someone to swap your shift with.

🏁Customize and manage profiles

Every organization is unique. The structure, the people and the information your community cares about.

Workplace system admins have control over Workplace Profiles and the information that’s important to you

That’s why we’re now providing Workplace system admins control over Workplace People Profiles – so you control the information that’s important to you.

In the Admin Panel and using Edit Profile Template, admins can control which fields should be visible or hidden from Workplace and who can edit profile fields.

Only admins, users or an identity provider will be able to make those edits. Plus admins can now edit a user profile directly from their profile page to make community management even easier.

I need help!

No problem. There are loads of resources for you in the Help Center.

Head here for some tips on Profiles, Celebrations and People Directory.

If you’re an admin and you’d like help setting up these features in Workplace just head here.

Work tools that change everything. Find out more and try Workplace Premium free for 90-days.

[1] Ipsos MORI ‘Global Business Decision Makers Survey’ (commissioned by Workplace). Survey of 3,500 business decision makers in the UK, India, Indonesia, US, France, Mexico and Brazil. July 2018

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