We built Workplace to join everyone together. And one year after our launch, we’re making some exciting improvements to the design of Workplace. Changes to the look and feel of the platform that will help you better connect and achieve even more together.

Workplace is for everyone. Whatever you do and wherever you work. Which means the things you see on Workplace are unique to you. Over the coming weeks, we’re making Workplace easier to use on the web and on your phone. Here are the 3 main updates and what they’ll mean for your unique Workplace experience.

Better conversations

We’re always looking at ways to help people use Workplace to have the productive conversations that help you get more done. To make comment threads easier to follow and join, we’re updating the comment style so you can more easily see which comments are direct replies to other people.

Using chat for questions or group discussions can be a simple way to get work done quickly. As part of this update, we’re changing the name of the Work Chat apps to Workplace Chat to make it easier to find in the app stores. And you can download Workplace Chat for free right here.


Better readability

We’re making updates to refresh the look and feel of Workplace. These include:

  • Icon updates and larger Like, Comment and Share buttons that are easier to tap
  • Circular profile pictures to show who’s posting or commenting
  • Larger link previews to make them easier to read
  • Increased color contrast to the typography so it’s more legible
  • Smoother interactions to make Workplace more intuitive
  • New illustrations in places like group headers


Better navigation

We want to make it easier to find the people and information you need on Workplace. To do this, we’re updating the group bookmarks layout, so the groups you use most are easy to find. When you hover over someone’s name to find more information, you’ll now see if they’re online and where they sit in your org chart. And to make the Workplace apps easier to find on your phone, we’ll update the app icon color to the Workplace grey.

Download Workplace Chat for free here.


This month we’re celebrating being 1 year old. And the fact we’re only 1% through the Workplace journey.

Take a look at the other updates we’ve made this year to help over 30,000 organizations join together and get more done. And look out for many more exciting updates in year 2 and beyond.


Ready to try Workplace Premium for free? Sign up for a 90-day trial right here.


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