The Workplace Admin Panel is now available on mobile. So you can take care of your Workplace community wherever you are.

We want to make the lives of Workplace admins as easy as possible. It’s why we spend so much time building and refining the right tools to give admins flexible control over their communities.

And to make managing Workplace even easier, we’re now making some of the most powerful admin tools available on the mobile app.

Welcome to your new Admin Panel

We’re making 2 changes:

  1. Dashboards are something you look at, not where you get things done! So we’re renaming the Dashboard to the Admin Panel to reflect all the new tools you can use.
  2. The Mobile Admin Panel will now be available for all admins on iOS and Android apps.

Mobile-first community management

We want admins to be able to get work done from anywhere. At Facebook, building mobile-first is part of our ethos – so it’s important for us to build Workplace tools for admins in the same way.

The reality is that we’re not always at our computer when someone asks us questions about employee engagement metrics. And we’re not always able to review sensitive or reported content at the drop of a hat.

We built the mobile admin panel to change this. It makes it really to easy to manage your Workplace community anywhere and at any time.

Improve connections and community engagement

Admins can use this new feature to view metrics and take actions that improve engagement in Workplace. You can also add new people to the community, manage important administrative tasks like updating the admin team and take action on any reported content.

The mobile Admin Panel gives you the tools to take quick action and manage your Workplace community on the fly.

Push notifications for reported content

Accessing the Admin Panel on mobile also means that admins can remove questionable, flagged, or sensitive content more quickly than ever before. You will now receive push notifications whenever someone reports content. So you’ll know about this content sooner and can take relevant action from mobile or desktop.

How does it work?

Access ‘Admin Panel’ via the ‘More’ tab on the Workplace mobile app. From there you can:

 – Review activity for the past 7 days and send reminders to people to drive engagement

 – Add a new person to your community by providing full name and email

 – Report on people, groups and content activity on Workplace over the past three months

 – Review all administrators and make changes to the 4 admin levels for any administrator

 – Review any reported content and choose to allow or delete directly from the mobile app

Help! I need support

We are here for you! Head to our Help Center and search for ‘Admin Panel’.

Have a specific question? Contact Workplace Support by clicking the “?” on the web or going to “Help & Support” from your mobile app settings.

The mobile Admin Panel is available to 50% of Workplace communities today and will be rolling out to all communities over the coming weeks.

Take a look at all the latest Workplace features and try Workplace free for 90 days right here.

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