Show the team your best side with Live video broadcasts to the whole company.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is priceless – and Live video is an entirely new way to think about communication. Go Live and get instant access to your entire project group, team or company.

How Workplace Live video connects organizations from top to bottom

Show the team your best side with Live video broadcasts. With Live video, you get instant access to your entire project group, team or company with real-time feedback from comments, reactions and polls.

Posted by Workplace by Facebook on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

No more throwing a memo over the wall and hoping people notice. With Live video, you get HD quality broadcasts with real-time feedback in the form of comments, reactions and polls.

From communication to culture

Live video is also good for culture. It’s more immediate, direct and personal than traditional company comms.

And because you can go Live from anywhere it’s a great way to share a hot-take as it happens, or even give people a peek behind the scenes.

From culture to connection

Organizations like Campbell are using Live video to share events. They broadcast important company activity in real-time and people who miss the event can catch up when it’s convenient. Nobody misses out – and a shared culture can grow.

“Broadcasting to groups using Live video makes our work more convenient and more efficient.”

 – Phornphol Treenawaporn, Project Lead, FamilyMart

“We now broadcast briefings using Live video. It means we can share effectively with everyone instantly from right within Workplace.”

 – Maud Baerenzung, Head of Communication, Ads Up Consulting

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