As Flow 2018 fast approaches, our Speaker Spotlights help you find out more about the C-level leaders appearing at our global summit. Next up, Sun Life Financial CTO Rahul Sekhon.

We spoke with Rahul to discuss his passion for workplace technologies that facilitate personal mobility, diversity and inclusion and global collaboration.

New beginnings

Sun Life may be one of the largest and oldest life insurance companies in North America (with a history that dates back to 1865), but its ambition has never wavered.

It promises to help clients achieve not just lifetime financial security but a healthier life. And this progressive approach extends to its own employees.

Sun Life is putting its people at the center of its business with Rahul Sekhon, Chief Technology Officer, and unabashed change champion, leading the charge.

Sun Life is putting its people at the center of its business

By introducing new technologies and a more transparent approach, he’s helping to enhance the employee experience on a global scale – evolving processes and increasing productivity.

Many cultures, one community

“We operate in 26 countries,” says Rahul, “so the team looked to me to help create one global community. But how is that possible with so many cultural differences?”

True to form Rahul didn’t see a challenge; he saw an opportunity. “If you look at different regions, you notice different flavors in how people communicate. That is where unique customization can come in.”

But it’s more than just throwing technology at the problem. “What we’re working on isn’t pure tech modernization,” he continues.

“It’s something that blends with the physical space; it blends with the work culture and HR. It’s an amalgamation of these things – it’s where people, place, and technology meet.”

What Rahul wanted to do above all else was add a personal touch. It’s much easier to change a company from the inside out if people feel they’re being recognized and rewarded for their efforts.

“When an employee does a good job, even if it’s something small, there’s an intrinsic need to be recognized – this is common across all geographies.”

“This is something Sun Life has found Workplace to be very useful for,” he explains. “If there are 900 people in an organization, it used to be very hard for the President of that organization to see how hard one person is working in another corner of the world.”

“Now that person can post an update on Workplace and the President can see and react to it.”

A sustainable and diverse future

Like every financial institution, Sun Life exists to serve its clients. With a focus on advancing sustainability, Sun Life views diversity and inclusion as key drivers of innovation and engagement and ultimately the foundation for understanding Clients and their needs.

“When we announced our new purpose, we realized that our employees are also our clients,” says Rahul.

“That’s why we are continuously investing in a culture of wellness that empowers our employees to be their best selves. We take a holistic view of workforce wellness by focusing on physical, mental and financial wellness – which ultimately translates to our helping our clients and achieving our purpose.”

“We now design experiences for our employees in exactly the same way we do our clients.”

“We’re launching wellness programmes and ensuring our employees have the best ecosystem to support their mental wellbeing and give them opportunities to grow.”

“While it’s not easy to translate that into direct financial benefits, we want to make sure that our organization is looking towards the future. We want our clients and employees to feel a sense of pride when they interact with us.”

What is Flow?

Flow is Workplace’s global leadership summit, taking place on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018 at Hotel Nia, Menlo Park, CA.

Together with customers and best of breed partners such as Walmart, Vodafone, Box, and Okta, we’ll discuss the ways businesses can connect people to their organization’s purpose, unlock their true potential, and empower them to do their best work.

We’ll also hear about the future of the enterprise from visionary SaaS founders and next-gen IT leaders.

You can read the original announcement to find out more. And you can try Workplace Premium free for 90 days.

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