Join us to explore how to unlock the potential of people and organizations.

Flow is the first global leadership summit from Workplace by Facebook.

At Workplace, we are always looking at ways to help organizations focus and get work done. At Flow, we’ll explore how you can bring people closer to your company’s purpose and have a happy, engaged and productive workforce.

We’ll discover how to connect organizations so that – together – your people can find their Flow.

What is Flow?

Flow is what happens when culture, purpose, teams, and leadership all flourish inside an organization – empowering people to do their best work. Because in today’s competitive era, your people strategy is your business strategy.

Discover how some of the world’s most innovative leaders are rethinking how decisions get made and work gets done in order to get their organizations and people in a state of Flow. Hear how they’re using best-of-breed mobile-friendly IT to build smarter, more productive, and more integrated organizations.

We will also give attendees a chance to be the first to experience the future of Workplace by Facebook, with exclusive announcements and product launches.

Announcing key speakers

Flow brings you keynotes from SaaS experts, thought leaders, and C-Suite executives along with practical workshops from the Workplace team.

Together, we’ll examine the ways you can connect people to your organization’s purpose and unlock their true potential. And how next-gen IT can enable next-gen talent to prosper in the future of work.

Here’s a small selection of the guests and speakers;

SaaS entrepreneurs and leaders

  • Aaron Levie, CEO, Box
  • Eric Yuan, CEO, ZOOM
  • Frederic Kerrest, COO and co-founder, Okta
  • Helen Russell, Chief People Officer, Atlassian
  • Mark Mader, CEO, Smartsheet
  • Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer, ServiceNow

Industry leaders

  • Filippo Catalano, Group CIO, Nestlé
  • Joe Park, VP, Walmart
  • Dan Coyle – bestselling author of The Talent Code

And that’s just the beginning. We’ll be announcing even more speakers and guests closer to the time.

Why should I attend?

This event is for CEOs, CIOs, Chief People Officers, and communications and IT executives. And we’ve put together a set of carefully curated content for everyone.

But what’s in it for you?

  • CEOs should come to hear from other executives who have uncovered clear strategies for future-proofing their organizations
  • CIOs should attend to discover how some of the world’s biggest organizations are delivering mobile-first, integrated, collaboration and communication tools to a global workforce without adding to the stack
  • Chief People Officers should come to learn proven ways to build a workforce that’s more engaged and more productive. And how other organizations are using IT to retain talent and drive competitive advantage
  • Communications and IT leaders should attend to hear stories and learn how to connect their workforces. Like the one where an executive learned more about her organization in one month than in the previous 17 years…

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