What types of workplace automation are becoming more popular and how will they change the future of work? We take a closer look.

When people hear automation, they tend to think one of two things. Tech which can take over boring tasks like invoice processing, or robots which are coming to steal people’s jobs.

But the reality is more nuanced. As workplace automation becomes more advanced it is having a real impact on the future of work.

Automation is allowing companies to simplify tasks and saving them time and money

It’s allowing companies to simplify a variety of tasks and helping them save time and money. And it’s providing a better experience for employees and a better service to customers.

We take a closer look at some of the types of automation becoming more popular and the impact they are having.

Employee analytics

Companies today hold a lot of really useful data on their employees. And it’s information that isn’t always put to good use due to the time and effort it takes to wade through it. But now, automation tools can delve into all that information and highlight important insights which HR teams can use to engage and motivate staff.

Hiring tools

All businesses know how important it is and how difficult it can be to hire the right person for the right job. Now workplace automation is making what was once a mammoth task much simpler.

71% of employers found that applicant tracking software improved the candidate experience

Hiring tools can help narrow down thousands of applicants to the best few by searching for specific keywords in people’s CVs. They can also keep in touch with applicants at every step of the process, reducing frustration and giving a good overall impression of the company.

A survey by CareerBuilder showed that 71% of employers found that applicant tracking software improved the candidate experience.

Onboarding new staff

The onboarding process for new staff can be time-consuming and tedious. Automation can change that. There are various types of software available which can help companies set up all the relevant accounts for new starters, as well taking them through any necessary documents and procedures.

Bots in Workplace can automatically provide new starters with the things they need to get cracking

Bots within platforms like Workplace can also enable new starters to get up to speed quickly. Market research company Critical Mix uses a bot called Aime to provide new starters with all the paperwork they need via Workplace Chat. And as an added bonus she can talk people through the forms and answer any FAQs.

Customer support

Customers today expect round-the-clock support. And automation is an easy way to make sure that organizations can deal with queries and concerns at any time.

Bots can offer on-the-spot support while employees are tucked up in bed. And some tools also allow you to schedule automated follow-ups via phone or email for a more personal touch.


Workplace automation can help tackle more than just customers’ concerns. Automated help desks can tackle your employees’ questions about holiday allowances, guest wifi log-ins, and basic computer problems.

And that enables your IT and HR teams to focus on more business-critical tasks.


Marketing is an area that can suffer when businesses are under pressure. But automatic tools that can send emails and make updates to social media can help you keep marketing activity moving however hectic things are.

And as automation becomes more sophisticated, this doesn’t just mean blasting your mailing list or followers with unwanted information.

Automation can help nurture contacts through their journey and ensure you’re sending them highly relevant, personalized content, at the right time.

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