The work we do doesn’t define who we are. It’s the wonder that happens at work that can make the difference.

Work. The Grind. The hard yards and the double shifts. Work can have some pretty negative connotations. But we believe it doesn’t have to be like that.

Because when people join together, amazing things can happen. The core team. The project group. The perfect mix of skills and experience that combines to produce something wonderful.

And what if this made work a place where even your smallest wins could make the biggest difference?

Here are three examples we’ve seen of how people have joined together to make the extraordinary happen, even in the most ordinary of places.

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment helped a boy skate the ice at the home of his heroes 

AirAsia made sure a son made it home for his mother’s birthday

Eimskip kept their team safe from the storm

The wonder of your workplace

Your job won’t ever truly define who you are as a person. But by discovering the wonder that exists at work, perhaps you can get a better handle on why you do the work that you do. Why you joined the team in the first place.

Because when people join together, wonderful things can happen. Things that could inspire you to double down on the challenges of each working day and help to strengthen your resolve. So you all believe you can build it. Grow it. Make it. Sell it. Share it.

We believe that together is always better. What kind of wonder could you rediscover at work with your team?