Technology and modern workspace design are combining to nurture new employee behaviors. And it’s transforming the very nature of work itself.

In the first of a new series of films, Workplace and Canvas8 explore how design and technology are combining to drive a new culture of openness at work. Watch the video to learn more.

The future of work remains a hot-button topic. Organizations are exploring how technology enables people to work better, smarter and faster. That’s good for business. And good for individuals, too.

After all, organizations that fail to embrace new ways of working could end up becoming merely a footnote. Just another one of the 40% of top-flight companies that will no longer exist by 2025 [1]. Unnaturally selected. Out innovated. Ex-parrots…

But this isn’t just a story about technology. As ever, it’s a story about people. And what’s interesting is how modern workplace design – the structures and interiors of the places where people work – is also transforming how we interact in the workplace.

It’s a shift in thinking that’s enabling more open ways of working. It’s making working environments more productive. And, in turn, these workspaces are producing happier, more engaged and more effective employees.

Watch the film

Why the Expectation of Openness is Changing in the Workplace

Technology and modern workspace design are combining to drive a new culture of openness in the workplace. Watch the first in a new series of videos to explore how it’s helping to transform the way people collaborate and work together.

Posted by Workplace by Facebook on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Building the future of work

Organizations won’t automatically find themselves neatly prepared for the future of work. It’s an evolution. And as smarter tools and better working environments nurture new behaviors, successful companies will adapt to the changing landscape. Everybody will benefit as more people find themselves the products of increasingly productive environments.


[1] John Olin School of Business, Washington University

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