In the third of our series of films, Workplace and Canvas8 explore the very different expectations that Gen Y have about work.

We look at how employers need to find new ways to keep up with changing attitudes. And why, when it comes to Millennials in the workplace, it’s all about collaboration.

Gen Y continues to join the workforce in ever greater numbers – Millennials now account for over a third of the UK working population. And they’re bringing with them a new set of expectations about the way people work together.

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This is the generation that pioneered the social media revolution. They’ve grown up using communications tools that give instant and direct contact with people all over the world. Immediate responses. Broader relationships.

So it’s no surprise that Gen Y are natural networkers. Or that they’re looking to create collaborative working environments to share their innovative thoughts and ideas.

Open to collaboration

It’s a trend that looks set to continue. Over a third of Gen Y and Gen Z say their best work happens in environments that enable them to both focus and collaborate with others. The organizations that can stay ahead of these changing attitudes may well reap the benefits.

But there’s still a long way to go. 38% of Gen Y say that outdated collaboration tools prevent companies from innovating. In fact, Gen Y believes that access to the right business tools is such an important part of the collaboration puzzle that 40% would pay for these technologies out of their own pocket.

Collaboration is so important that they’re taking it upon themselves to create the collaborative atmospheres they demand. And as they continue to join the global workforce, Gen Y will keep pushing for more opportunities to have their voices heard – and the right communication and collaboration tools to enable them.

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Open to Collaboration: Why Gen Yers expect collaborative workplaces.

As the generation that pioneered the social media persona, Gen Y isn’t known for fading into the background. But despite their desire to stand out, today’s young people are equally apt at working together – and the workplace is no exception.

  • Natural networkers: How growing up with social media has shaped views of professional networking
  • Beyond relationships: How collaboration also enables employees to better embrace new ideas
  • Common cause: Why Gen Y want to get more out of work – and how it motivates them
  • Co-opetition: How digital platforms are helping balance personal ambition and a desire to collaborate
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