In the fourth of our series of films, we explore the ambitions of the next-generation workforce. We look at why career progression is so important to Millennials and Gen Y. And how their entrepreneurial mindset could bring huge benefits to businesses.

91% of Gen Yers consider rapid career progress a top priority. And they’re willing to find new ways to make it happen. It’s increasingly clear that organizations need to forget offering interns the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to come and make the coffee.

Next-generation workers are looking to develop skills, take on big responsibilities and make themselves visible from the get-go. The benefits to organizations that can bridge the gap and harness this combination of ambition, thirst for recognition and technical prowess could be significant.

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3 takeaways

  • Millennials need to understand why the skills they’re learning are relevant to them and the business
  • Smart companies will leverage the technology skills and fresh approaches of Millennials to deliver more value
  • Companies that can’t adapt could fail to attract next-gen talent who value and expect a better work-life balance

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